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Saturday, December 18, 2004

And a fine Saturday morning it is!!!

Nothing beats the feeling of opening your eyes to find it is 9am on
Saturday. Why is 9am signficant you ask? Because as a parent of 2
toddlers, it is a rare occasion. Today the wifey was up with them and
I was sacked out dreaming of being on a beach with loads of cash and
the wifey in a hot bathing suit. Unfortnately, I woke up. But hey,
so goes dreams.

Anyway, today is picture day for the little ones. Yep more pictures.
We get pictures of them about as often as we change underwear. But
they are only kids once and I really don't mind spending the moola.

We plan to meet MartiniGal tonight for dinner, drinks, presents and
such. Last night we met T & C along with their little one and hit the
Blue Goose as usual. I've realized that during the holidays, the
entire world has the same idea: meet for dinner and exchange presents.
The place was packed!!!

So, I'm off to do Saturday type things... see ya bloggers.

p.s. this was definintely a 'What the .....?' entry since it was
incredibly boring.