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Friday, November 05, 2004

Yep, I'm Back Blogging....

Good morning bloggers! I'm back and ready to blog. I've been on a blog hiatus for a few days but it's not because I don't love each and every one of my 2 readers. I just have been busy with school and family and work and other various distractions. I do have the shortest attention span of.... wait, what were we talking about? Nevermind, doesn't matter.
So, we *were* going to my parents this weekend to pick up the hot tub they are giving us. But, it ended up snowing 10" there and the road and yard are too wet to get the trailer into in order to load it. So, we are waiting a bit longer. Instead we will do absolutely nothing. YEAH! Actually, I may do some honey-do type stuff and start the annual garage clean up. We may drag the kids with us to a night out at the Blue Goose (yes, we go all the time).
If we could get this truck and a truck of peanuts to crash together... yum!
I guess that acting job I wanted it is out...