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Monday, November 29, 2004

Wow, this really sucks.

Ah, the turkey, the pie, the sweet potatoes.  Football, beer, sleeping in late.  All the things I love about Thanksgiving.  And the *WHAM*, your ass is back at work.  I think Thanksgiving weekend is the way life is suppose to be enjoyed.  Why the hell do we all have to go to work?  Can't we invent that thing on Star Trek that just makes stuff appear magically?  If we could do that, we'd all stay at home, eating pie and ultimately be as big as the house we live in...
All kidding aside, this weekend we actually did a lot of work.  For some odd reason, Kelly and I decided to do spring cleaning in the fall.  We cleared out all of the kids rooms of old toys and junk and made room for all the new stuff coming this Christmas.  And, we cleaned out drawers and cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen.  Why?  Because we are to high strung to just sit and do nothing.  I suppose it is a good thing.  I certainly like the sense of accomplishment as you look at everything all neatly put away and lots of extra room.  The problem is that in 2 weeks the kids will have it all destroyed. 
I think a defining moment for me was when I realized I was working my butt of with the wife while the 2 yahoos were watching cartoons.  HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HAPPEN?  The kids get to coast while we clean the room?  Who's the parents here anyway?  Ok, Ok, I know they are only 3 1/2 but still...
After all that cleaning, and eating, and shopping (yes we did a little shopping too) I managed to find time to several other things.  First, I bought a new X-box game called Call of Duty: Finest Hour.  One word: outstanding.  Now I can't wait for some of my friends to get it so we can do it over Xbox Live.  My friend Eric is suppose to get it at Christmas so I'll have to single play until then.
We also went to see The Polar Express.  I would really say 5 of 5 stars I think.  Perhaps I was in a particularly Christmas mood but I thought this movie was outstanding.  The computer generated animation was terrific and the story was very good.  If you have kids this is a must see.  If you don't, you should see it anyway as you will walk away desperately wanting to believe in Santa again.
At home, I also watched Stepford Wives.  I thought this was just ok.  I'll give it 3.5 of 5.  It wasn't terrible but it was a bit boring at times.  And, just a bit too predictable.  The ending had a little twist but nothing TOO shocking. 
I also caught "Chronicles of Riddick".  4.5 of 5 (males)/2 of 5 (females).  If you are into action flicks, this one is very good.  I never felt like the ending needed to hurry up and get there.  The fights and action sequences were very well done and I just think Vin Diesel will be the next Arnold. 
That's all boys and girls.  No new news.  As always, I'll be posting any great news items of interest I find later but for now... later bloggers.