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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tuesday Choose

Ok, so this is a little odd but looks like I once again can't resist
being odd...

tuesday is
<br />chooseday

    Would you rather:
  1. have every driver but you be a "student driver" OR have
    every driver but you be over 75 years old?

  2. Student drivers for sure. Just as dangerous but at least they drive faster!

  3. be dating someone who insists that every electric device in both
    of your homes be controlled by those "clap on, clap off" devices
    OR that every piece of furniture have plastic covers?

  4. Got to go with plastic. Can you imagine every device going on and off
    all at once? What if you were watching a TV show and someone clapped?
    Even the TV would go off!

  5. have regular encounters with aliens and not have any proof
    OR have your best friend be invisible?

  6. Invisible for sure. They could get all sorts of useful information for you.

  7. stick your hand into a sealed box of rattlesnakes OR stick
    your hand into a box filled with unknown contents that are making a
    mechanical buzzing sound?

  8. Mechanical: you would certainly be bitten by the snakes but the sound
    might just be a vibrator! :-)