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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ouch, that had to hurt

Ok, for the kids who read this blog, I want you to go to this site instead of continuing.  Now, for the rest of us, OUCH!
So, Tara Reid has had a "wardrobe malfunction".  BTW, how the hell does that become part of our language?  Does Janet Jackson wield that much power?  Can she set new trends in hip language?  Give me a break.  Anyway, someone sent me a link with the pics from this "malfunction".  Now, before you go and look, I'll give my 2 cents.
I'm not opposed to plastic surgery.  In fact, I think if you want to have it and it makes you feel good then I say go for it.  But, for God sakes, get a good doctor and don't go overboard.  When you look at these pics, you'll see that a) she had a bad doctor and b) she obviously should have spent the money to get a good one.  I mean, really, why get the Dollar General version when you have that much money?
So, without further delay, here are the pics.
Let's see, what else to write about.  OH, I know.  So, I think I'm a bad person.  Yes, I have not feeling in my heart to do charity.  I had a meeting today where the discussion was about doing a pancake breakfast for the homeless versus doing a toy drive.  I was in favor of the toy drive because frankly I don't think anyone from the company will go to the pancake breakfast.  But, how do you say that without sounding like a cold, heartless, ass?  So, I nodded and went along. 
Lastly, I'll do another meme:
 The Tuesday Iffers
Monday, November 08, 2004

Come On, Baby, Light My Fire... 

If you woke up suddenly because your house was on fire, which three things would you save as you ran outside?
Let's see...  just to qualify this answer, I'm going to assume the wife and two kids are out safely already. 
1) As many pictures as possible
2) The dog
3) The computer since I have all my financial data plus thousands of digital photos.