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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ok, I'll blog...

I'm not sure why I haven't blogged in the last few days.  There's been lots going on.  For instance, Friday, the kids came up to my office where we had decked out everything in spooky Halloween stuff.  They had carnival style games, a bounce house and trick-or-treating.  Then we were off to our favorite spot with E and H and M for dinner and drinks.  We came home, put the kids to bed and me and Kelly hung out.  Of course, by this morning a full scale cold for me and K are underway.  I can barely breathe.  So, I'm sitting here watching the Texas Tech vs. K. State game while the kids play and I sniffle 90 times per second.  Oh, from about 4-5 we went to downtown McKinney where they had "Scare at the square".  Kids could do hay rides (we did) and more trick-or-treating.
Tomorrow we are doing a family/friends kind of party about 6p for dinner and more candy.  For 3 year olds, they will have about 10 times more candy than they can eat.  But, I guess that is the fun of Halloween.

Oh, I saw that the asshole Osama bin Loser put out another video trying to sway the election.  I hope that backfires when people get alone in the booth and think "Will John Kerry really be the guy to get him?"   I guess we'll know on Wednesday... that is unless the lawyers get involved and then it might be in Jan some time.