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Monday, November 08, 2004

Not sure what's going on here.

First, let me say that my posts are really screwed up.  I'm not sure why blogger isn't posting them in the correct order.  I'm hoping it was just a fluke and we can continue with normal blogging going forward.  Either way, I don't know when or if this post will show up so, again, "What the ....?"
Well, the 'boys stunk it up this weekend.  How can we lose to the Bengals?  I mean, my God, if you are going to get beat, at least do it by a good team... not the Bengals.  And, Texas Tech won against Baylor which relieved me given they had just beat A&M the previous week.  And to round out football, I won in my fantasy league to take me to 8-1 overall.  I'm on a roll baby!
Ah, movie reviews.  Had you wondered where they'd gone?  Me too.  It's due to the hell I call school.  I'm 1 week and 1 day from finishing this class.  That will leave me with only 1 more!! YEA!!!  Yes, you should all immediately throw me a party when I finish... with lots of beer....  and food... and dancing girls....err...  scratch that...
Anyway, the movie reviews.  I watched 3 this weekend:
The Day After Tomorrow
This movie was less than stellar.  I'll give it 2 of 5 stars.  I mean, it had potential but it lost me for two main reasons.  First, the special effects just didn't look even remotely realistic.  In fairness, perhaps they wanted to be so over the top that it was impossible.  I don't know but they kinda sucked.  And secondly, it was such an obviously left wing effort to spell out gloom and doom because of global warming.  Now, I believe we should take care of Mother Earth.  And, perhaps I might even feel Bush should have signed the Kyoto Accord.  But this was too much left wing spin.
Man on Fire
This was by far the best movie of the weekend.  Well acted.  Good plot.  No cheesy feel good ending.  I'll give it 4.5 of 5.  I think if you are a parent you will identify with this more than someone who is not because of the obvious emotional attachment to a child.  But, you can still feel it was worth your while even if you don't have kids.  Denzel is one of my favorite actors and he didn't disappoint this time either.  Although I will say that Christopher Walken is always just a bit weird for me.  Makes me feel like I have an itch I can't scratch.  Oh, and I wouldn't have casted Marc Anthony in his role although he didn't do a terrible job but it could have been better.
Super Troopers
Ok.  I'll admit that I rented this.  I had heard it was good so I went and actually found it on the "not so rented" shelf and Blockbuster.  You know its old when its not on the outside wall. :-)  Anyway, I was only marginally pleased.  Well, actually not even that.  I was disappointed.  I had trouble staying awake (in fairness it was after midnight) but usually good flicks keep me up easily.  It had funny moments but it wasn't the laugh out loud by myself kind of flick.  I'll rate is slightly higher than The Day After and give it a 2.5 of 5.  One word for this one: Blah.
That's it bloggers.  For all those that read "What the ....?" we've done another installment of the blog that can bore you to tears.