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Monday, November 15, 2004

Monday morning crunch, blues and nerves

So, I start off this morning pretty good.  Got a good 7 hours of sleep, kids were in ok moods, no big incidents on the way to work.  Well, I do have to go at lunch to give the car seats to the wifey since I left them in my car last night and she needs them after work. But, no big deal.  Anyway, I get here and I'm in crunch time.  I had to get my meeting plan together for a 1-on-1 with the boss.  Now, my boss is super cool, but he rarely calls official meetings especially 1-on-1s.  So I knew I had to be ready.  Its a bit unnerving.  In the end, everything went well but don't you just hate that nervous feeling before something important?  I know... shut up you whiner...
Anyway, I didn't win my fantasy game this week.  DAMN YOU PETYON MANNING!  DAMN YOU!  The guy throws for 5 touchdowns and of course my opponent this week had him on the team.  So, now I'm 8-2 and I really need at least 1 more win if not 2 to ensure my spot in the playoffs.  Ok, I know, you are saying "What the ....?" since you have zero interest in my fantasy sports leagues.  But hey, its my blog so shut up.
And, I'm all nervous because I know I'm about to watch the Cowboys get the crap kicked out of them by Philly tonight.  Good thing I have a ton of school work to finish so I likely won't be watching much of the game. 
So, one quick movie review:  Friday Night Lights
Saw this on Friday night (it only seemed appropriate).  I really liked it.  I am a bit biased because I'm from West Texas and I know some about Permian but I really thought it was good.  The acting was pretty good given that everyone except Billy Bob Thorton was virtually an unknown.  Go see it if you like football.  4 of 5.
I did catch the year end episode of Celebrity Poker Showdown.  I was really pulling for Matthew Perry but he didn't pull it out.  But, what I've discovered after watching that episode (along with a previous episode) is that I really hate Dennis Rodman more than I realized.  I thought he was an ass when playing in the NBA.  He is REALLY an ass outside the NBA.  At one point he screws up and mucks his hand (muck means you throw in your cards without showing them) and the tourney director rightfully awards the hand to his only remaining opponent.  Now, remember this is all for charity.  Dennis gets up, yells, storms out.  WHAT AN ASS.  He finally comes back, is on full tilt (meaning he can't think straight to play - which, is a stretch for him anyway) and quickly gets his ass kicked.  WOOHOO!  Anyway, anyone that acts like that should just be dismissed immediately as an idiot.  Oh, Mekhi Phifer won the $100,000 championship.  And, he just got lucky because he played some really stupid hands but pulled out wins with pure luck.  But, so goes poker sometimes.