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Sunday, November 21, 2004

A loss that sucks

So I played another Hold'em tourney last night. $15 buy-in and I
re-bought once for $15 more. It really sucked. I could not get a
good win. At one point I had 3 Aces and got smacked with a straight.
Its my own fault as I didn't play nearly as tight as I should have. I
made it to the final 5 and got taken out when I had AK in the hole and
QJ8 and the flop. I went all in and the guy had 10-9 in his hole
cards and smacked me with a straight 'cause I didn't pull the 10 out
on the turn or river.

So, today, Kelly is taking the kids to some gymanstics thing at the
American Airlines Center along with Karen and her mom. I plan to
watch some movies or hit the PC and do something fun. It starts at
like 6:30 so I'll probably just goof around. Maybe I'll go to the
movies or something.

Anyway, nothing too exciting. Later bloggers.