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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Koree the hard ass

Well, this morning starts a new way of management for me. I've
finished my class and can now dedicate all of my focus on my team.
And, I've let these guys run loose for some time now. But no more!
Koree the hard ass has arrived. Bah... enough work.

SO, last night I spent WAY too long playing online poker. Of all the
times I've played online I never found the tourney tables until last
night. It is so much better. But, it is still VERY loose play in the
beginning because it is just fake money. SO, you just stay out of the
way until the table gets down to about 5 people. Then the competitive
side kicks in and people don't want to get bet and will play more
realistically. I placed as high as 2nd and as low as 4th at each
table I played. Not too bad but certainly not great. I plan to hit
it again tonight and try to rack in some wins. The main problem is
that with all the loose play in the beginning, someone will have a
huge chip lead which will put you at a disadvantage immediately. Oh
well, unless I play for real money this is how it will be.

And, I plan to look into subscribing to Netflix again now that class is over.
I love watching movies and I watched so many when I was subscribed.
Plus I heard they lowered their prices to compete with Blockbuster.

I also plan to spend more time studying for my CCNA since I am
employed by Cisco but have no certifications from here. And, do a
little more proactive management of my investment accounts. So, I
have a full schedule despite being done with school. Plus some other
things. Here's my list of activities now that I only have 1 remaining

-Burn all home videos on DVD
-Rip all CD's I own to mp3
-Study for CCNA
-More active management of my investments
-Netflix, netflix, netflix
-Halo 2 and Xbox live
-Online poker
-More sleep

Wow, looking at that list I can official confirm I'm a dork.