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Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday has arrived!

Well, here we are on a fine Friday afternoon and I am only hours away from getting a cool, frosty beverage in my hand and a hot girl on my arm.  The wife and I are going to our local watering hole with the young 'uns and hanging out.  Other than that, again, nothing new to report.  Next week should be pretty slow at work and with no school to do I think I'll be able to fine tune my foosball skills.  Hell, I might even ask off on Wednesday just to goof off at home.
I just signed up for Blockbuster.com's mail DVD service.  I've had Netflix before and would have went with them except that Blockbuster also gives 2 in-store rentals with their package.  That helps for the "I have to see this movie tonight" type situations where you don't want to wait for the mail to arrive.
Well, off to goof around and then head to the bar... later bloggers!