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Friday, November 12, 2004

Cold, Fire and Crying.

Well, lots of stuff to write about today.  Yesterday was pretty slow until I got home.  Then, things changed!  Here is the "What the ....?" entry for today.
COLD: So, I get home and find the in-laws there.  Kelly had told me they were coming over.  We go out to the driveway and they had bought us a little refridgerater for the garage!!!  It was sweet too.  Just the right size for beer, maybe a few frozen steaks, etc.  We had mentioned to them that we wanted their old little fridge because they were buying a new one.  Well, instead of giving us the old one they just bought 2 new ones and gave us one!  How cool is that!???  It was over the top nice and I'm very grateful.  So, now I need to load the thing up with beer to test it out...
FIRE: So, to say thank you we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (yummy!) and stuffed ourselves.  What's exciting about that?  Nothing really... oh, yeah, there was a burning truck outside... YIKES!  We were just finishing eating when some 18-wheeler stopped on the highway next to the place and suddenly burst into flames.  And I'm not talking about a little fire.  The entire thing was engulfed in flames.  The firefighters showed up and got it out reasoably fast but the whole thing was a loss for sure.  The kids kept saying "Look at the fire!" and "Let's drive by it!".  It cracked me up.
CRYING: So, then we get home, everyone goes to bed as usual.  I watch ER which was depressing enough but then I decided to watch an HBO documentary called Last Letters Home.  It is families reading the last letters they ever received from their sons/daughters/husbands before they were killed in Iraq.  Wow was this tough to watch.  By the end, I was crying like a baby.  Thank God Kelly was asleep.  I mean, this was rip your heart out, stomp on it, throw it in acid kind of stuff.  The toughest one was the last one (of course).  Some poor guy was killed and he had written a letter to be sent in case he was killed.  It was to his 4 or 5 year old son, his wife and (at the time) his unborn son whom he never got to see.  I mean, if that doesn't make you depressed, what will?  So, I had respect for people fighting over there already but now I think it is simply amazing that they do it.  I'm such a wus I'd likely just stand and pee my pants all day.  They are like 18 years old and getting shot at daily.  Wow.  I haven't donated yet, but if you feel the need, here's a good place.