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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Up late for no apparent reason

So, it's after midnight and I'm up late for really no good reason.
I'm just installing software, looking stupid websites and thinking,
"Why the hell am I awake?" I did manage to catch one show of
Celebrity Poker. That show rocks. I love watching poker and the
jokes and stuff make it much more fun that the World Poker Tour (WPT).
But, the WPT does have the best players of course.

Maybe I should try to play in a real tourney. I'm not sure I'm good
enough but I suppose you never know until you try. I certainly want
to setup another game that all of the regulars play. Its been almost
2 months since our last one.

Oh, for those that read the blog, I've posted a new video of the kids.
Its a spoof on a movie trailer. Its for a superhero movie. Check it


Well, good night (or good morning) all...