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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ok, so now for some drama

Let's just say that I've had a tiff with the family.  And, its killing me.  Do you ever fight with family?  Isn't it just horrible?  Because, how do you ever get past it?  Things still feel weird and even though I apologized I realize that things aren't the same.  It is a basic case of differing viewpoints.  I saw things in one light and they saw it in another.  I wish it hadn't have happened but now that it did I can't seem to get past it.  But, life marches on so everyone goes on pretending things are normal when everyone knows that they aren't.  I suppose time is what generally makes these things better.
So, I'm trying to move on and get my normal stuff done.  Class is a damn killer.  Doing research on developing an airline company in Afghanistan is not particularly exciting to me yet I know it has to get done somehow.  Even still, with the class, the fight, the regular job... I'm feeling a bit depressed and I'm not use to that.  I have to pull myself out of this funk!  You know what?  I know just the thing....  FUNNY NEWS STORIES!!!!
Ok, I'm not sure I could be Republican in this situation:
Perhaps this just fell out of someone's little engine?
Maybe I should move here:
Does this make the Hooter's Golf Tournament seem tame?
Whew... I feel better already!