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Saturday, October 23, 2004

New arrival for Alaska

Yep, my friend way up in Alaska had her second kid.  I know, you're thinking, "So, I don't know her."  But, hey, its my blog so I get to write it.  I'm here at home today, the wife and kids are out at some band marching contest.  I'm just chillin' and playing around with some video editing.  Had to work this morning from 7a-1p and again tomorrow the same time.  I'm on call really not actually working but I get paged enough or emails come in frequently enough that I stay somewhat busy.
Oh, tonight is the Texas Tech (24) vs. Texas (9) game.  We are watching it over at a buddy's house where we are also having a Halloween party.  So, I plan to kick back some adult beverages and then watch Tech kick Texas to the curb.  Kelly and I are going as two party goes from the movie Eyes Wide Shut.  However, I now realize that not too many people have seen it so most people will just go, "What the ....?"  Anyway, I don't really care because most of the time the costumes only stay on for the first 30 minutes then everyone takes them off so they can be comfortable.  That is unless they can't take theirs off without being naked!  I suppose that would spice up the party a bit.