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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Nerf warfare

So, today, my group got our shipment of 100 nerf finger rockets.  Now, its like Iraq out there.  You step out of your office and you get pelted with nerf rockets.  Loads of fun.  Terrible for productivity.  But, in the high stress environment of support, you need an outlet.  So, I tolerate it.
As for the past few days, we went to Lubbock to watch the Red Raiders play the Cornhuskers.  It was an ass whipping for all time!!! 70-10 Raiders.  It was just so much fun to be back at the ole alma mater and see such a huge win.  We went out Saturday night and I ran into an old friend Brett.  It was fun to see old friends.  The wife had a good time and we'll leave it at that. :-)
Anyway, nothing big planned this weekend.  Just trying to keep up with school work.  I'm on the next to last class and I'm already getting my butt kicked.  There seems to be a lot of stuff due in this class so I'm trying to keep ahead of the game with limited success.
Yes, I know this was a boring post...  What do you expect?  Just do it... say it... "What the ....?"