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Monday, October 04, 2004

Monday morning movie reviews

Howdy bloggers.  Nothing too exciting happened over the weekend to make witty comments about.  So, I thought I'd start the day with a few links and some movie reviews.  So, if your first reaction was "What the ....?" then you should stop reading now!
The Punisher
Ok, so this one had John Travolta so I was immediately thinking it would be good.  And, it was a Marvel comic flick.  This one is about a guy with no superpowers but decides to become a vigilante after Travolta kills his family.  I actually thought it was an ok movie.  I liked the good vs. evil plot and most times it was good.  There was some times it was a bit too over the top but that is usual for Marvel comic flicks.  I'd give it a 3.5 of 5 stars.
The Alamo
If you are a guy, and from Texas, and you like historically based flicks, you'll love this one.  As luck would have it, I possess all those qualities so I found it very entertaining.  And, since I've stood in the Alamo and thought "Wow, people fought here." it was particularly cool.  It makes me want to rush right down to San Antonio and tour the Alamo again.  If you are a girl, who hates history with no particular interest in Texas... you should pass.  I'll give it a 4.5 of 5 stars.
Supersize Me
This one is just incredible.  Its a documentary about a guy who goes on a diet of nothing but McDonalds for 30 days.  The effects on this guy is just crazy.  And the stats behind all of the food industry is just amazing.  If you are able to eat at McDonalds after watching this then you seriously need help. ;-)  That said, it does seem to drag on just a bit.  And, it is unbalanced as it does not try to present any of the other side of the story.  Still I think it is a very worthwhile flick.  4 of 5 stars.
And now for some fun and amusing links for everyone to enjoy. 
First, I'd like to shake hands with the girl who caused this.  Obviously she is embarrassed and I'd like to help her along:
Airport Shutdown
You have to love Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin airlines.  Apparently he may name his airline Virgin but he believe girls should take off one but not land as one! :-)
Double Beds
I don't even know what to say about this... well, maybe that it is a good idea to practice safety.
SS Commission
On a more serious note, did Kerry cheat at the debate?  Some say its a Republican attack.  You decide.
Cheat at Debate
Well, perhaps that's enough for now.  If I find more, I'll post via the instant blogger method so the format will be different.  Later bloggers.