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Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday is here, just great.

Well, I'm almost through another Monday.  I can't say its been bad but given that I had to work a lot this weekend certainly makes this week seem long already.  I did get to go to Fraser's Halloween party.  I think a good time was had by all.  I was just a bit hung over on Sunday so not much got accomplished until noon.
I managed to get some of my school work done today so I can hopefully do a little relaxing tonight.  Or, as I want, to do some home video editing.  I have some funny ideas of videos to do with the kids so I'm going to start some of those projects finally.
As for fun articles, here goes:
Nothing like getting what you deserve:
Apparently, I missed the "sex education" reform that has occurred in colleges now.  I was born 10 years too early... Damn it...
Very odd statistic.  Go 'skins.
So, does this mean someone went "Muff Diving"?  Err... I mean "Muffin Diving"?