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Sunday, October 17, 2004

I falling!!!

Ok, I've been slacking.  I've not be updating my blog nearly as regularly as I once was.  And, I'd like to formally complain that M. and Catwoman are the reason.  I once updated daily.  Sometimes multiple times daily.  But, now I've fallen off that pace.  I think because I'm not out reading their blogs.  Oh well, so goes the life of a blogger.
In reality, things are very busy.  And while I shouldn't update my blog at work, that is when I primarly did update it.  And lately I've been totally swamped at work.  I suppose since they pay me I have to give them my attention.  However, it is not without me at least giving a heavy sigh when the choice comes to do the blog or do some work.
And, school is in full swing.  This is by far the most difficult class I've had.  I'm in week 2 of 6 and I have so much research, reading and papers to do.  So, there's my sob story.  I beg for your forgiveness...