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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Hump day... again!

So, I've managed to make it through another hump day.  Nothing too exciting so I'll just post some cool links and news.  Ok?
Funny Exchange Between Jon Stewart and the CNN Crossfire team
I'm not normally a Jon Stewart fan.  Yes, I am more right than left.  But, I think Jon kicked their butt in this exchange.  And, some of his stuff I totally agreed with.  Media is part of the political problem in the US.
Two more iFilm clips:
Triumph mocks Bon Jovi - hilarious!!!
Triumph mocks Star Wars geeks - this is a classic!
Ok, now for some good news clips:
T. Heinz Kerry is questioning if Laura Bush has had a *real* job?  This coming from a lady worth $1B?  Give me a break.  (Read last question)