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Friday, October 01, 2004

Hello President Kerry

Well, here's my review of the presidential debate last night.  First, I'll start off by saying that I'm a Bush guy. (Now, get your mind out of the gutter... while true, not what I'm talking about!)
Last night was only marginal for W.  He didn't come across very slick and he let Kerry dictate the pace and subjects of the debate.  I don't think he fell flat on his face but he certainly did stubble.  A classic moment was when he tried to drink water from the empty glass.  Obviously he was nervous.  Now, I would be too so I'll cut him some slack.  Either way, I'm more for the proactive, 'we take care of ourselves whether the French like it or not' type approach more than the 'let's all hold hands and sing cumby-ya' approach.  But that's just me.
So, Friday and his and I'm ready to party this weekend.  I'm sure I'll live the crazy exciting life I always lead on the weekends.  Hopefully I'll do some heavy drinking tonight and make my liver say, "What the ....?"
Oh, more info on the deck situation.  I saw the guy at the State Fair (did I post that already?).  He said he would come today at 1pm and finish the last 30 sq ft.  So, I plan to go home as soon as the nanny calls to say they have arrived.  Well, its 2:06p and he is still not at the house.  Go figure.  Kelly wants to report him to the BBB.  Maybe I will but I'm just so tired of this whole mess.  I wish we had never used this guy.
So, for anyone reading this.  Never use "The Gazebo Company" based in Rockwall, Texas.  If you talk to Mike Cawthon, run away immediately.  Anyway, on to happier thoughts... mmm... beer....