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Friday, September 17, 2004

A strong stomach... a weak stomach...

I've realized that parenthood brings about a biological change in both men and women. Think back... when you were like 19. Would you touch something gross? Most people would answer no. And, if you are 40 with no kids you would probably still answer no. But, at 12a last night, one of the kiddos got sick. And so the story begins.

Here I am at 33, finding out that I have a very strong stomach for someone that had a weak stomach. I mean, I didn't seem to even flinch! How does that happen? How does your brain overnight basically go, "OK, I'm going to be ok with a variety of stuff I use to gag over!"

The power of the brain is amazing. Now if I can just get it to FOCUS on work. I can overcome the gag power of a kid being sick but I can't focus on a work project for more than 30 min. :-)

Oh, just one more thing. This morning I sit in traffic forever. Why? Because of the Plano Balloon Festival. Now, this is a very cool event with hundreds of hot air balloons. But, this morning like 30 of them decided to launch. Right by the highway. Of course, everyone is going like 10 mph looking at them. Great. Late to work. But, it is Friday and I still beat most people.

Last, I heard from an old friend from high school today. It was a nice surprise as I don't talk to anyone from high school. Is that weird? Do most people have great buddies from high school? All of my closest friends I made at Texas Tech or prior jobs. Man, to be 21 and in college again... life was one big party back then. Where's that damn time machine when I need it. :-)