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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Short Week, Short Attention Span

Yep, this is a short week. Working only 4 days seems to fit me just right. Why is it that we (read the USA) decided that 5 days per week of work was the right number? I would say that 4 days is just fine by me. Its because I can do some reasonable concentration for 4 days but by the 5th day I've just about quit thinking. Of course, you could argue that I don't do much thinking for the first 4 days....

I just completed a 3rd week of 6 weeks for my class. Its funny. I look back and think, "How in the world did I focus long enough to finish this many classes?" I'm 15 weeks away (2.5 classes) from being completely finished. I plan to drink heavily in celebration when I finish!

Nothing too big to discuss today. I'll just leave with a simple link:

9/11 Digital Archive

Never forget....