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Sunday, September 19, 2004

One more to go!

Ok, for those of you who don't know, our little video business experiment is closing down.  Yes, we will not longer be the weekend video warriors.  As I reflect back....
Here's an abbreviated history ----
Koree: "I wish I had my own company.  I don't have enough to do.  How can I take up all my weekends?"
Karen: "Me too.  I really hate having time to myself."
Koree: "Let's start a video company."
Karen: "I'm in!!!"
Koree: "Let's put in money too!  We have too much of that"
Karen: "Yeah!"
Koree: "Now let's fight about how we spend it.  That will be a blast!"
Karen: "Yeah, no need to get along with family."
Koree: "Now, let's get some clients that like to yell at us for really stupid reasons.  That will make our stress melt away!"
Karen: "Yeah, I like it when people think they know more about video than me.  I obviously need to learn a lot a someone with no clue is just right to teach me."
Koree: "Ok, now that we've gone through all this fun, let's close it down."
Karen: "Yeah, I've had too much fun."
Koree: "Ok, we'll end right after we beat the crap out of ourselves for a few more weekends."
And, that brings us to this morning.  As I sit here and realize that I have only 1 more wedding to shoot.  Then, edit, compile, deliver, cash out, never look back. 
We did one last night (which wasn't bad really) and now one today.  Then, back to my day job tomorrow.  Great weekend of relaxing.  But, I got myself into it trying to be a entrepreneur.  I still would like to do something but I really want it to be web based.  Something I can do at home, at night when I have the time.  Not on the weekends when I need to be spending time with my family.  And, not with family.  I hate fighting with family over business.  I don't recommend it. :-)