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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Now, A Serious Subject

So, I'm feeling serious this morning. I know, fall out of your chair. Sometimes I can be serious and although blogs, in my opinion, should be more fun that serious, I wanted to review a movie that I watched last night and comment on some related items from the news. So, if you are in the mood to laugh, perhaps you should read tomorrow... :-)

I watched a show called "Death in Gaza" last night. It is a documentary about children in the Gaza strip that are caught in the war between Palestine and Israel. It was chilling. I normally want to be more entertained than informed when watching movies but this one was excellent. And very sad. And very scary. And it makes me realize how terrorist, Muslim extremist and religious freaks are not even thinking on a sane level. And, not to make excuses for them, but in some cases its totally normal for them because it is all they have ever known.

Let me explain. In the documentary, they follow several children and see what their lives are like. They ask them about their thoughts on Israel (called pigs by the children) and what they think should happen. What was so chilling about it is to hear a 10 year old boy talk about wanting to be martyred. To see him holding a live hand grenade to throw at Israeli tanks. Its just beyond comprehension. To him, he saw and was taught only 2 options: fight until victory or be martyred. I mean, that's his normal life. He doesn't know any different.

Now, I'm not saying that is an excuse. In fact, it makes me more sure that we have to be more proactive. Extremist teach children this stuff so that they can grow up and be martyred. We have to solve the problem before it reaches America. I know that won't be popular with all the readers but hey, its my blog. ;-)

In the film, the last scene shows where the camera crew tries to get out of an area that is in danger of being attacked by Israeli troops. When the crew goes out waving a white flag, the director/cameraman is shot and killed by the troops. Very sad. Also felt that it wasn't the smartest move to go outside, at night, in a helmet and flack jacket. But, who am I to judge, right?

So, then I see and hear the video this morning about the school in Russia. It was just horrific to see and hear what happened there. And, after watching the film last night, I fully realize now that extremist have not regard for the life of children. Which is just crazy scary. I can't believe they would raid a school and hold women and children hostage. That is not warfare, that is cowardice.

So, I told you it would be a serious post today. I know, I'll be back to my cheery self tomorrow especially now that I've recovered from the "a little too much beer" I mentioned in yesterday's post. Which, BTW, my friend M. said was not very accurate. But, I get to make the rules of this blog... ;-)