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Monday, September 13, 2004

Just Not Cool Anymore?

This weekend was just great. Really fantastic. I love weekends where everything goes well and you have a great time. Unlike this coming weekend where I will be working. But let's not talk about that first thing on Monday. Anyway, Friday was another outing to our favorite watering hole the Blue Goose. Really good.

Then, Saturday we dropped the kids at the grandparents and headed out to party. Now, usually our partying involves a movie, dinner and a curfew of 12pm. But, this was our chance to mix it up with the hip crowd. So, we go out, all dressed up in our hippest 30 something clothes. To be fair, Kelly was just hot. As usual by the way. Me, I'm looking like a 30 something trying to look like a 20 something. Here's where the tale is like living in two worlds.

First, we go to a Bunko party that people at Kelly's office do every other month. Now, for those of you who have never been to a Bunko party, it is basically a dice game invented by 70 year olds who's only skill was to count. In fairness, we do have a good time hanging out with the people. But, we are the youngest there at 33 while most are 40+ and some 50+. We have dinner, a few drinks, play the game and talk. Normal, calm type party that is somewhere tamer than what I'm shooting for but not so lame I don't enjoy it.

Next we leave and go to the Knox-Henderson areas. We hit this bar called "The Old Monk". How someone would pick that name as a bar I'm not sure. Is it because they once new an old monk that was a drunk? Or, the old monk had blessed the building? Who knows. It was a cool place with outdoor seating. The weather was fantastic and we just sat there drinking, talking and having a good time.

Here's a little side story. As we sit there, some guys walk by and next thing we know they are starting to fight. No really big brawl but they threw a couple of punches. Other friends and the girls were trying to break it up. My question is why in the world would you go out to party and decide to get in a fight? Doesn't that kind of kill the evening? Idiots... all idiots...

Anyway, back to the bar. So, at about 10:30 we head over to some "private club" called Candleroom. I've never been to a private club. I didn't even know what a private club was so I was nervous and excited all at the same time. We walk down the street to this unmarked door with 2 guys behind ropes standing there. They ask the ladies the name, check the list and then move the rope.

Another side note: What's up with the rope? It won't really stop anyone. Is it just to make people realize that there are the "us" and the "them"? Annoying.

Ok, so in we go. Now, as I walk in, I see EVERYONE is trying to look the coolest they can look. I almost couldn't quit laughing at the whole scene. It was just too funny to realize that here I was, 33, two kids, living in the suburbs, trying to mix it up with the hip, yuppy crowd. It just didn't work. This place was so "exclusive" that they even had a back room that, as rumor has it, cost $5k per year just to be able to go back there. Give me a break.

The scenery wasn't bad as everyone was decked out in their finest garb. Women wearing low cut, revealing dresses. Men in high fashion shirts, expensive shoes, etc. Now, I like getting dressed up but this was just too funny. I just missed the two girls kissing while guys took pictures. Too bad, maybe next time.

So, we leave out at 12:30a as Kelly and I both felt somewhat out of place. The rest of the 20 something crew we were with supposedly stayed until after 2am sometime. Yes, I'm old. Not old like 80 years type old but old enough to be beyond that type of scene.

Sunday, we headed out to Kelly's folks and we hit the lake in their boat. We rode around, relaxing and looking at the gigantic houses I hope to be able to afford someday. We really want to live on that lake but Cisco's stock will need to start performing A LOT better for it to happen in the next 2-3 years. We'll see.

That's it boys and girls. Ladies and jellyspoons. Another exciting installment.