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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I'm feeling organized!

So, for some odd reason I felt the need to get more organized.  I had like 200 emails in my inbox, crap on my desk, no organized to do list, nothing.  nada.  zip.  So, I was thinking about it and decided to do something.  It was prompted by a book ad/review I saw in the American Way magazine I read on the way home from mecca...err.. San Jose.  It is called Organized for Success by Stephanie Winston (I think).  Anyway, I ran right out and bought it.  I've read about 1/4 of it and so far I'm not overly impressed.  But, it did give me the drive to get a little more organized.
Now you see, I'm basically a head guy.  I tend to not write down things.  I just "remember" what I should be doing.  My to do list is whatever I remember I need to do.  Very simple to implement only I'm not Albert Einstein so I sometimes miss things.  Missing to take the trash out no big deal.  Remembering you have a meeting with your boss, not so good.  Ok, that never happened but the day is coming I'm sure.  What did happen is that my professor didn't get all of my week 5 assignments in this class.  I could have sworn I sent the first assignment but because I'm so disorganized, I'm not sure.  And, my second one I didn't even have done because I didn't remember that week 5 had 2 assignments.  But, he cut me some slack and let me submit them yesterday.  I better count my lucky stars if I get an A in this class.
So, I went through and filed all the paperwork in my office.  I also filed away all the emails in my inbox except those that needed attention.  I started using Outlooks follow up flags, the to do list and everything.  Ok, I know what you are thinking.  "He's only been at it 1 day."  And that's true but I'm going to give it the old college try and stick with this new me.
Mainly, the to do list is what I need to focus on.  I could accomplish a lot more since I'm very deadline oriented.  If I setup things with deadlines, then I'm likely to finish it!  We'll see I guess.  Later bloggers...