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Monday, September 27, 2004

I'm Back Baby!!!

Yes, its Monday and I'm back at work.  Actually, I'm moments away from leaving work.  Then I realized that I had yet to update my blog.  The blog that 2.2 people read every month. :-)
Ok, seriously, I got back to the office today and I have been busy!  Why is that we think, "Oh, business trips are cool.  You get to do something different."?  When in reality, all you are doing is postponing the inevitable.  I just get to do all the stuff from last week this week.  Plus all my stuff this week this week.  Double the work but not double the fun.  Why can't life be like that gum commercial?
So, we hit the State Fair of Texas last night.  It was pretty cool... you know, corny dogs, overpriced drinks, stupid games, miles of walking.  Excellent.  But, what matter most is the kids loved it.  They got to feed animals, eat cotton candy, all the stuff kids love.  We watched a puppet show as well.  Now, it was all I could do not to laugh out loud.  Some lady was doing the dog puppet.  So, its not a puppet show where you can't see the puppeteers.  You see them right there.  And there she was barking like a dog.  Loudly.  It was totally hilarious.  Of course, she was trying to entertain the kids while I was thinking, "How can she do that and not feel like an idiot?"  Good thing I'm not a puppeteer.
OH, here's one more thing.  I got an email from my instructor saying he didn't get my assignments for last week.  Just great.  Now I'll be docked points because freaking email or something didn't work.  I suppose this will result in my first B in grad school.  Too bad considering it is one of the last classes.  But, what am I to do?  I suppose it is a hazard of dong an online school.  What the ....?