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Thursday, September 16, 2004

HotSpots Rock!

Ok, so this morning I have a doctor's appointment. And, its not until 10a so I decide to not go to work until afterwards. I didn't really feel like staying at home and being in the mix of the kids and Angie getting ready for school. So, I decide to head off to Starbucks for some coffee.

On that, why is it that I feel compelled to have a $3.50 cup of coffee for something that I could basically fix myself? Has Starbucks turned into the legalized form of crack? I mean, I love it. I think it at first started because I wanted to be in the "hip crowd that drinks lattes and mochas". But now I just want to have it even if it is not in the store. But, I make myself only come once in a while because, let's face it, $3.50 per day is a lot. If I came every week all year for 5 days, that's like $910 bucks for coffee!!! CRAZY!!! Starbucks are geniuses!

Anyway, back to the story. I come in, get my coffee and sit down with my laptop. You see, Starbucks have a T-Mobile Hotspot. I'm in Starbucks RIGHT NOW updating my blog. Sitting amongst the hip people (ok, most are just average Joe's like me but I can pretend) and reading my email. My buddy Navid gave me a free hot spot card to use so I didn't have to pay. EXCELLENT!

What we need now is wireless everywhere. I mean, any place you might just hang out. And, it needs to be setup so you don't have to "sign in" every time. If you get online, it just knows and you end up surfing everywhere.

I SO want to be able to have 1-2 days per week to work at home (or Starbucks). I have all the technology but it is against policy. I should look to change positions at Cisco but I'm just basically a coward and won't pursue anything. Afraid of change I guess. But who isn't?
So, I'm sitting here, having my coffee and enjoying the morning. You should really try this... very nice. Later bloggers!