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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Go west young man...

As the song goes: "I'm leaving.... on a jet plane... don't know when I'll be back again..."
I'm heading out to Cali, SJ, Mecca, The HQ, The Big Place, Land of VP's... I'm off to do a series of meeting in San Jose. I have mixed feelings about going. Surely, I like the networking that happens. I like seeing all the people I work with all in one place. I like the weather. I even like some of the Cali culture. But, 3 nights away from the family isn't too fun. But, thank God for cell phones and we may even try to use the webcam this time if I can get some time to help Kelly start it over the phone. We'll see...
As for any other news, nothing really going on. Closing in the last week of this class I'm taking. That will leave me with only 2 left. It should mark about 3 years it has taken me to get my MBA. I'm glad I did it but I'm not really sure what I'll do with it.
Do you ever find yourself in a rut? Not sure whether to zig or zag? I find myself there again! So, I really like my job. And my boss is very cool along with all the people I work with. I know, I hear your brain now, "What's the problem then?" Well, the problem is my long standing ADD. You see, I get anxious to try something new. And, as a new job opened up, I'm not sure if I should change or not. I mean, on one hand I like my job. On the other, I could take on new challenges. But should I??? End the end, I'll likely just stick where I am and enjoy coming to work. As they say, the grass is always greener over the septic tank. And perhaps that is the situation here.
But, what to do once I finish my MBA in Feb... Should I just take it as a major accomplishment for me and leave it at that? Should I push that issue within my organization in hopes to get more responsibility? More visibility? Or do I look elsewhere for something new and exciting? Basically, I'm adverse to change. But people should be willing to change. It's a huge debate.
Either way, here we are in my blog. Discussing things 9 out of 10 readers agree is a waste of bandwidth (yes, I took a poll :-)). But, at least one more time you get to say:
What the ....?
Oh, one last note... This is certainly the way to get rich.