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Friday, September 03, 2004

Football... football... football...

Yes boys and girls.... football has arrived. Its that time of year to think about cool weather, pigskin and beer. Fantasy football, cheerleader skirts and salsa. Its great. Its wonderful. And this year I'll watch the whole thing in High Definition!!!

Yes, that's right. I've made the ultimately commitment to quality football on television. And, with my wireless internet I can use the laptop while watching TV to check stats and such. Fantasy football, which is just one of the greatest things ever invented, starts on Sunday with my draft.

I see it now. All the girls out there rolling their eyes. "Why is it so cool? It's just a game!" Well, its more than that. It's a thing guys can latch onto. I mean, let's face it, you girls really have all the power. You can bat your eyes, hike up the skirt and we basically say, "OK, whatever you want." I mean, we're totally controlled by our basic instincts. But, football is something we can call ours.

Don't get me wrong. My wife loves football. So does a friend name Cat. In fact, she kicks my butt in fantasy football regularly. But, its a guy thing. No matter how you slice it. Just like some guys like shopping. But basically its a girl thing.

So, tomorrow I will venture out to watch my precious Texas Tech Red Raiders take on the SMU Mustangs. We'll have a grand time and it will be the kickoff to the football season for me.... thank God.