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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Beer & Burgers

Wow. A great weekend. Truly one of the best ones I remember in a long time. Friday we set off to our new favorite watering hole: The Blue Goose. Now, there are like 15,000 Tex-mex joints in the DFW area. This one happens to be our favorite. The food is ok. The atmosphere is ok. But the 'ritas are STRONG. Personally I don't care, but Kelly loves them and I'm happy as long as she is getting happy. :-)

Saturday we went down to watch the Tech vs. SMU game. Ok game but Tech didn't look all that great despite the win. I equate watching that game to winning the lottery. Only you only won $3 so you feel a bit cheated.

Sunday we went out to the wife's folks where we had a blast. Threw some horseshoes, drank a few beers and played some poker. A good time was had by all. (oh, I won the poker tourney - this is becoming a regular occurance for me!)

Monday was the big gathering at our house... Had just a *little* too much beer. Kids had a great time and now I'm back at the office... how exciting....