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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Work War Zone

A new phase of work has started for me. Now, I have to not only look out for the political sharks, the customer sharks and all the other stuff but I have to also look out for the nerf gun sharks. You know, the guys that lurk around the corner waiting to hit you with a barrage of nerf ammunition?

That's right, some of my engineers have bought nerf guns. At random times throughout the day, a little cubicle version of Iraq breaks out. Usually, its the left vs. right row of cubes. They have shoulder launched nerf RPGs. They have mini-rockets and actually shotgun type guns. Its really amazing to see how well equipped they are. As the manager, I'm a prime target. I walk through now with scanning eyes all around. At any moment I could be under attack.

This morning, a new guy ran past my office. On his way by he launched a finger rocket right into the side my neck. I screamed out, "I'm hit! MEDIC!!!" As I lay fake bleeding on the floor, I thought, "Am I too old for this?" I mean, really, should a 33 year old be laughing at nerf guns? And, should I go out and scream, "GET BACK TO WORK YOU SLACKERS!"? It is great stress relief.

I think I'll go get my kids some. That way, I can get attacked at home *and* work. That's it. Problem solved. In my previous post I wondered how scoring works with kids. Now, I can get them nerf guns and if I get them more than they get me, I win!

Viva Las Nerf Guns!