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Monday, August 23, 2004

Weekend, Work and Other Misc Items

Howdy bloggers. I've decided to recap the weekend and bore you all to tears! I plan to take over the world by lulling everyone to sleep, one blogger at a time... muh hah ha haa ha (evil laugh).

Friday started the weekend off with a bang. Took the kids and the wifey out to Blue Goose in Plano. Great food. Even better drinks. The weather was great so we sat outside. Kelly was about 3 sheets to the wind, we had paid our bill and were about to leave when.... dum do do... (dramatic theme music)

Several kids were playing by the entrance with, of all things, raw tortilla dough. Just moments before "the incident" Kaitlyn took a nose dive off the table bench and banged her head. She's screaming and people looking and making sure she is ok when a flying piece of dough hits a huge cup of milk on our table. The milk flies all over the lady behind us. Quickly, some kid runs up, gets the dough and hauls butt back to his table with his folks.

Now, of course the lady is upset. She goes down and tells the parents what happened. They, rightfully so, make the kid come down and apologize to everyone. So, I think the issue is over. I'm talking to the lady behind and I say, "I'm sorry. If I had known I would have moved the milk." Which she then replies, "Not your fault. You don't expect a flying piece of dough."

Right then, another lady walks over and basically screams, "Just let it go. It was an accident so just get over it." OH MY GOD! Did she just say that to us? So, the lady who is drenched in milk says, "If you would control your kids it wouldn't have happened. This isn't a playground!" Quickly comes the reply, "Its a playground if I say it is a playground." So, I say, "What a bitch." (yes, that's me being manly) She just stares at us and Kelly and I decide to leave as originally planned.

Now, to all you bloggers out there, was I in the right to think she is a BITCH or should I have been more accommodating? Being the proud owner of 2 little knee biters, I can see how they have accidents. But how in the world does this lady come off yelling at us for that kids stupid mistake? GEEZ!

Ok, on to the rest of the weekend. Went out to Scott & Michelle's casa on Saturday. Had great fun drinking and watching the kids attempt to kill each other by running at full speed around the house. We even took them on a tractor ride just for fun.

Sunday was basically do nothing day. Watch a movie called Higaldo. EXCELLENT flick I must say. Great story, good cinematography, decent acting (with some exceptions). 4 of 5 stars. I also watched The Whole Ten Yards with Matthew Perry & Bruce Willis. So-so movie with not much different from the first. I thought the acting in this was a little stiff (especially Matthew Perry's character's wife). 3 of 5 stars.

Today has been basically uneventful. Had some performance issues to address and some other general mundane issues. Nothing exciting. Yes, I think I've managed to bore you to death... muh haha haha haha