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Monday, August 16, 2004

These 3 year olds are nuts!

So, I go back to work today after being out in Mecca... um... San Jose all week. Strangely, it was good to be back into my normal routine. And, I must say I feel a little more energized and dedicated after all the strategy sessions last week. Hopefully that will last. AND, I even was motivated to go to the gym today. I hit a 45 minute cardio workout. Tomorrow I'm going for 45 in weights and hopefully with only about 30 seconds between sets to keep the heart rate up. I need it after tonight's meal. I kinda ate too much. Anyway, why did I pick that title?

I get home and the kids are crazy. They are fussing about everything. They fight with each other, push, cry and complain. They won't eat dinner and are begging for cookies. Of course, at this point it is a battle of wills. So, we finally force them to eat a little and then we give them a cookie and head outside.

It's a miracle! They have fun, laugh play and generally have a good time. We come back and and BAM!, they are back to being hell on wheels. What gives? Are they crazy? Is there some type of thing in the air inside that makes their little brains bi-polar? So, we hit the bath and bed. While I'm writing this entry, Kaitlyn comes in thinking I'm not in the office then runs out realizing she's been busted. I head into her room and she promptly tells me that her knee hurts and I have to tie the blanket around it to make it feel better. After I stop laughing, I tell her no way Jose and head back out to finish up the blog

Kids are a riot. They go from one extreme to another and think up things that only a 3 year old or a 30 years old on acid could think up. I highly recommend you get a couple of rugrats. Its hours of entertainment. Kind of like golf. I really enjoy the game even though it frustrates the crap out of me sometimes. So if shooting par is good in golf, what is the score keeping system for kids?