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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Out Damn School... Out!

School... err... If only I could finish. Yes, that's right boys and girls, I'm still in school. I'm pursuing my MBA in TM. Masters in Bullshit And Total Morons. I have 3 remaining classes. Only 3 yet I feel it is an eternity away. Man, who knew I could hate school just as much at 33 as I did when I was 13.

So, I'm in week 2 of a 6 week course and I find that I can't concentrate. Does that mean I have adult ADD? Isn't there some test for that? And how did ADD come about anyway? When I was a kid if you didn't pay attention you got you butt whacked. No more ADD. Now, they have meds and therapy and group hugs for it. But, maybe they are on to something. Maybe I have it! And, I KNOW my girl has it. She won't sit still for more the 3 minutes (unless Maisy, Clifford, Oobi or some other equally boring cartoon is on).

Let's see, I did make it to the gym 2 of 2 days this week. Of course, it is a requirement. You see, I realize that going to the gym is not to get me to lose weight. Or look better. It is simply to make sure I don't turn into one of those guys that has to have a crane come and take him out of his house because he can no longer walk! After my eating on Sunday, I'm surprised I didn't have an immediate massive coronary.

Anyway, I'm off work now and about to head home. Head home to the wife and young 'ens and hopefully a blissful night of writing why 3M is struggling with innovation and just exactly what a 33 year old tech support manager of a technology company would do to help the $14B powerhouse recover. Yes, average Joe by day, business genius by night. That's me... Captain MBA.