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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

More Stories Of Stupid People

I feel like Bill Engvall the comedian. He has a whole bit on "I Hate Stupid People". For the past 2 days, I've dealt with stupid people at work. Now, this is a bit concerning since my company really tries to hire only the best and the brightest. If that is true, exactly how did these yahoos get in here? Admittedly, I'm sure I've had my moments where I was the stupid one. It hurts to think but someone, somewhere, someday said, "Man, Koree is just an idiot." Yes, its true. But, that's not my point today.

My point is that I have had the distinct displeasure of dealing with 2 particular people that simply do not understand their jobs. I had a 15 minute argument over a form I filled out for my tuition reimbursement. Did this lady actually LOOK at the form? Did she see what she was asking me to fill out made no sense at all? Stupid.

Then there was the IT guy. First, he made what was probably an honest mistake. No harm no foul. He corrected it, so I thought. Then, when I went to use this tool he setup, it didn't work again! I know, I know, you are thinking, "So what. That doesn't make him stupid." Well, it does when he know I need it, he's based in Sydney, Australia and I have no way to get it fixed until he comes back to work after my entire day is done. Stupid.

Now, on to brighter topics. I've managed to be at the gym 3 of 3 days this week. Please, hold your applause. I just need to work much harder on my eating habits. I still had Mexican food (enchiladas) at lunch yesterday. I'll have to run like 20 miles a day if I don't clean up the food I eat each day.

T-minus 1 day until my 33rd birthday. Kelly wants to know where I want to go with her and the kids to eat Thur night. Now, this is a challenge. I want something really good. But I need to eat healthy. But its my birthday. But the place needs to be kid friendly. But its my birthday. But I need to not wait in line forever... you get the point. So at this point, I've narrowed my list to... oh, who am I kidding. I haven't narrowed the list at all. Crap.

Oh, one last thing that is a bit mushy so stop reading if you don't see me get all girly. Last night I wanted to start capturing some of our home videos that are on Digital 8mm tape onto the PC so I can burn them over to DVD. Its much easier to watch a DVD than use the camera plus our camera is busted anyway. Anyway, back to the story. So, I pulled out the "Kaitlyn and Carson's Birth" video. Wait, don't say "ACK!!!" I didn't video anything like that. Kelly would have freaked so I left the camera off until after they had been delivered. Plus, who really wants to see a c-section birth... ack. Quick, get back on track with the story.

So, I watched it and it made me really feel girly. I was all excited to see the little guys just as they had been born. I can't believe how much they've grown in 3 1/2 years. Plus, its hard to imagine life before they were around. Crazy. I'm sure I'll get all girly with other videos too but that happened to be the first one I watched. So, (in my best Arnold voice) I'm a little girly-man.

Later bloggers...