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Saturday, August 07, 2004

A Missed Opportunity

I looked up and I could see it coming. It was exciting because it could be Carson's first. It hit the ground and rolled under some seats. The seats happen to be my boss' seats but that didn't matter. I was scrambling trying to get it when the lady grabbed it. What was it? A FOUL BALL! Oh man, we almost had it. Carson and Kaitlyn were watching it and hoping we could grab it. But, I missed the opportunity because I couldn't get to it in time. OH well, maybe next time.

The in-law family came over after the game. I must say, I really love that they make a big deal of birthdays. My family never did make a big deal. They still don't. But, that's just them. Anyway, I got a new movie called Miracle. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. I also got some new outdoor speakers to put on the deck.

There's only one problem with that gift. I have to actually get speaker wire to the speakers! That will be a challenge to say the least. I have to run more wire down the wall and to the stereo. But, I also have to get the wire all the way to the outdoor speakers and that is no easy feat either. I'm not quite sure how I end up spending so much time in the attic. Is it just destiny that guys have to be in the garage and attic all the time? Or is it some master plan by all women? Hmmm...

Go west young man! I'll be heading out to San Jose (pronounced San Hosa by me and my friends... or mecca for those from my company) for all next week. I'll be in non-stop meetings. It should prove to be interesting. Here's the great thing. WIRELESS! Yes, my hotel room will have wireless 'net access. So, just when you are thinking, "Oh my God, how can I live without Koree's blog?" You won't have to! I'll give painfully boring details of my meetings:

8:05- Sat down
8:06- Drank water
8:07- Fell asleep
6:00- Got up
6:01- Went to hotel

Ok, ok, maybe they aren't THAT boring. Time will tell. Later bloggers.