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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Long Day Two... And Guilt.

I just returned from the meetings again. I've realized one thing. VP's, Directors and other executives are like athletes. They can endure hours of meeting on end without blinking an eye. It's like being in a triathalon. 2 hours in meeting one. Then 4 hours in meeting two followed by 4 hours in meeting three with a working dinner. I wonder if they have executive competitions they can enter?

I've discovered my kids have inherited a great gene from my wife which she inherited from a long line of people before her. It's the gift of guilt. Yes, that's right, a 3 year old can make a 33 year old man feel guilty. So, I'm on the phone and they say, "come home so we can play". I mean, really, what do you say to that? "Daddy has to talk to Dilbert so just hang in there" doesn't really work!

I haven't really had time to surf much or do any movie stuff. Although I am sitting here chatting with my friend Thyme2Purr on IM and watching Lost in Translation. Interesting flick. I find it something I can't quit watching yet I'm not sure I can say it is good. Kind of like watching a car wreck or something. I have to log back into work and do some more stuff for tomorrow but I thought I'd update the blog first. I mean, I have to have priorities, right?

Later bloggers.