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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Free Meals Taste The Best

There's nothing sweeter than a free meal. I mean, especially one at a nice place. I love it. I'm sitting there thinking, "I'm getting this great food for nothing!" So, tonight I'm off to eat at a company thing and I know I'm going to have that feeling. Well, assuming we don't go to Mickey Dee's...

This morning I skipped the gym. I know, I know... but I have to be at a work thing tonight and I wanted to see the kiddos today. So, I'm skipping tomorrow too for the same reason. And, it was worth it. This morning was funny. Its weird how your kids are like the guy on Austin powers: mini-me. They act just like their parents. Sometimes its kinda scary.

In the mornings, I hate life. I don't want to wake up, I certainly don't want to talk. I don't really want to do anything until I feel like it. Of course, as an adult this is a luxury I don't get. But, I get to see my girl do that every day! She stumbles into the living room and crashes on the couch. You can try to talk to her and she gives you this look like "You're kidding right? You want me to respond? Give me a break." You're lucky if you get a smile.

My boy on the other hand is like my wife. My wife wakes up and is immediately in "go mode". She starts working and doing things straight away. Same with the boy. He's up and is immediately looking to play a game, grab a toy or something else equally important to a 3 year old.

So, here I am waiting at work to go to the dinner we have planned. Blogging at work feels so sneaky. I feel like I should be looking over my shoulder... wearing sunglasses and using an alias. Which, to keep this ramble going, is a good question. What would be my alias? Here are some thoughts:

-Captain Flabby
-Dr. ADD
-Felix the Bore

Hmmm... none of those really appeal to me. Perhaps I should stick with my regular name.