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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The End Is Near... Repent

So last night I finally started the steps needed to shut down our little video company pet project. It felt strangely good to know it will be over soon. Kind of like that feeling just before you rip off a band-aid. You know it might hurt a little but then it will feel so much better once its done. That's how I feel about our little company. I learned a lot. Mostly that I'm not that interested anymore in owning my own company of that size. I want to have a company large enough that I don't have to do the mundane details like accounting, bills, etc. What a P.I.T.A. that stuff is to do.

Let's see, so I started watching a new TV show. It's the Casino from the same guy that does Survivor and such. Actually pretty good stuff. Last night they had some guy that lost $1M at the craps table. $1M ??? OMG, what the hell was he thinking? I mean, seriously, how does someone so stupid get so rich? I can't believe that the government doesn't have some required IQ test for people that make over $1M a year. Oh man, I think I just solved the big tax problem. If you take this IQ test and fail, you pay in like 75% of your earnings to the government's "stupid people fund". If you pass, you pay your regular tax rate just like the average Joe. Hey, it could work.

So, my 33rd birthday is coming up and I'm at a loss for what to get. Kelly wants me to decide between a new camcorder and a new programmable remote for the media room. Of course, the camcorder is much more expensive but we need one of those anyway since ours is busted. But, the media room would be complete with one of those fancy remotes you see on MTV's Cribs. :-) I'm so confused...