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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Chinese and a green eyeball

Howdy bloggers. I'm back from Cali and back to my routine. Yes, I didn't post on Thur-Sat but with the travel, the meetings and the need to spend time with the family, I just didn't get to it. Here's the short version of Thur-Sun.

Thursday started again with a morning long meeting. Once we finished that, we went to get some lunch. They had brought in pizza but after the Wednesday night pizza we opted to skip and head to a local chinese joint. Now, I've tried a lot of different foods and eaten at many restaurants but this one takes the cake. We walk in and I swear everyone stopped and looked at us. We were the only non-Asian people there. Ok, no big deal. Sit down, and the waiters/waitresses start bringing food. We can't understand them because they don't speak any English. And, we don't recognize ANYTHING they bring to us. So we are trying to find things that look tasty. We had some noodles, various fried items and something that was suppose to be rice but tasted more like corn meal. Then out comes the green eyeball...

Ok, it wasn't an eyeball but it was round like one and we had no idea what it was. All the other 3 guys just stared... Being the adventurous type, I thought I'd try it. So, before I could think about it too much I bite into the thing. ACK! I almost puked on the table. I mean, really, can they make anything worse?

So, that night we decided to try something call the Banana Leaf. We walk in and realize it is yet another Chinese food place. But before we can walk out some of the other co-workers see us, we sit down and the guy that is from China starts ordering for us. Man, we laughed so hard that we couldn't possibly have any worse luck.

Friday was spent on the plane home. Nothing eventful. Just watched Band Of Brothers on the DVD player for about 3 hours. Then, home and relaxing. OH, we did go out to eat something good.

Saturday, we went out to Kelly's folks and dropped the kids off. Really relaxing and me and her Dad just sat around and watched TV and played with the kids. Exactly what I needed to do. Then, Kelly and I were off to run errands and stuff. We went out that night to the Blue Goose in Plano. Great place that Kelly says has the best Margaritas bar none.

Sunday, out to Kelly's folks again for more relaxing outside on the deck and a cookout. Her dad smoked some ribs and we ate and ate. Very good. Now, I'm back here, packing my stuff for the gym tomorrow and about to check my work email. :-(

Later bloggers.