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Monday, August 02, 2004

Baseball, The Great American Pastime

Last night was one more of our regular outings to the Frisco RoughRiders Double A games. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it. Fantastic stadium. Easy to get to and reasonable prices on most everything. And, *really* kid friendly. They have a lot of goofing things between innings. Carson and Kaitlyn really love it. This is the 5th one we've been to this year and we have another one this Friday night.

Ok, you better sit down for this one. Ready? I started going to the gym again this morning! . Very unlike me to actually get some motivation and start back. Now that Kelly is off her early morning schedule at work, I can leave the house before Angie gets there. So, I hit the road at 6:45 and was working out by 7:15. Hit the showers and to the office by 8:15. So I'm telling myself that I'm doing a M-W-F schedule in the mornings and a T-Th at lunch or after work to lift weights. We'll see how that goes. Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't plan to keep any of you updated on my lack of progress. But I thought I'd mention it just once to tease everyone.

Let's see, we did one more wedding shoot on Saturday night. Really nice couple. Actually, one of those "good looking couples" that seem too perfect sometimes. Either way, really nice. The guy was former Army Ranger Special Forces. Had done 1 tour in Afghanistan and 2 tours in Iraq. I real badass I'm guessing. Nice guy though. No major problems and now we are down to only one more weekend of wedding shoots. But, we have to go out with a bang and do 2 weddings in one weekend in Sept.

I'm down to 2 more weeks of freedom from school. I start back on Aug 19th for the final push to the end. I should be done mid-February if all goes according to plan. Wow, August already. I have only 3 days until my big 33rd birthday. Suddenly I feel old. :-