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Friday, August 20, 2004

Back to school again...

Yep, that's right bloggers. Yesterday marked the first day of my next class. I have mixed emotions. I'm ready to be done with school so I was excited to start yet another class and get it over with. Yet, I really enjoyed nights with no homework, reading or team meetings. I only have 3 classes left so I'm WAY to far into it to decide to stop going. SO, I'm stuck going back to school again.

Now, the bigger question is this: What for? I suppose having an MBA *might* lead to other opportunities. Yet, I know another person here who has his MBA doing the same job I'm doing. So, in a sense, I'm doing it just because. Hmmm...

Let's see, what else? Oh, everyone stand up. Yes, stand up. Now, clap and say "Way to go Carly!" Carly Patterson the new Olympic gold medal winner is from little old Allen, Texas. She went to school in Allen ISD where Kelly works and it is a big deal that she won. Of course, I don't think anyone can realistically think she will be coming back. She'll have private tutors and book tours and night talk shows and all kinds of stuff to do. No more Allen ISD for Carly.

This weekend will be fun. We are heading out to some friend house to let all our little kids try to kill each other while we drink beer. Its almost like we could place bets on who's going to get knocked down first. Who gets the first skinned knee. Who cries first. Who pukes first. Yes, you too can enjoy this type of Saturday night entertainment. Come to think of it, its kind of a nightly entertainment. Maybe I should charge admission..