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Friday, August 06, 2004

Ants, Huge Foot and Dinner. Huh?

So, my birthday was interesting. Before I went home, I got a call saying that Kaitlyn had stepped in a fire ant bed. OUCH! So, one bite, not so bad. Two bites, a little painful. She had like 20. She broke out in hives. Her foot is swollen like 2 times normal size with bite blisters everywhere. Kelly called the doctor and they basically said give her Benadryl and watch her to make sure she doesn't get worse or have trouble breathing.

Today her foot is still very large so Kelly took her to the doctor. They said there isn't much to do but did give us a prescription to some shot in the event she has a major reaction in the future. Kinda scary actually. Now we will be taking her to the allergy doctor to be tested for allergies to fire ants and get some medicine if she is that we can give her if she is bitten.

Regardless, she actually seemed in good spirits so we went out to Saltgrass to eat (sans shoes for Kaitlyn) and I totally pigged out. WAY too much to eat. Then went home and had birthday cake which was just delicious. So, that's my day yesterday.

Boring post today. My apologies for those looking for witty, humorous content today. Just nothing funny about fire ants and little kids.