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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Another Birthday Has Arrived!

So here is my very first post on my birthday. I've made it to the big 33 years old. Now, depending on who you ask that is either old, young or just right. I have some people in my office that say "Man, you are young! A young rising star!" Then others say, "Man, you seem much older than that!" What? What the hell kind of comment is that? Do I look that tore up? Man.

This birthday is a little odd. I don't have anything I'm dying to get. You know, sometimes you know exactly what you want as a gift. Many times there are multiple things you want and you just can't wait to get them. This time, I don't really have anything. Could it be that I've actually manage to get everything I want? If that's true, shouldn't I be just overcome with joy and excitement and screaming to everyone how happy I am that I have everything? If its true, then Kelly can really say, "What do you get the man that has everything?"

Well, obviously I don't have EVERYTHING. So, Kelly managed to come up with something that I eagerly wait to open tonight. But another problem. I still don't know where I want to go out to dinner. I think I've narrowed it to Outback or Saltgrass (both Kelly's ideas). Basically, I've discovered I'm indecisive. I think I'm like that all the time, not just on birthdays.

After reading Catwoman's Blog, I must admit I agree with her that I'm paid well to blog. I almost always take 15-30 minutes to update my blog while at work. I wonder how many people blog at work? Could blocking all access to blogs save companies millions? Is that why the economy is still struggling? Maybe all blogs are to blame... :-)

Oh, one more last ramble. We had a fire drill this morning. Exciting stuff. Sirens, people directing us out of the building while wearing fashionable orange vests and carrying radios. We all gathered around our designated pole. Then, I realized, if this were a real fire, how would I know everyone of my team actually got out? I mean, we were spread all over the parking lot. Hmmm.... maybe I should take action on that. But that would require effort something I don't like to exert. Ok, I'll just assume everyone got out.

Well, I doubt I blog again today unless some fantastic news comes up or I find some interesting website while avoiding work and surfing. Later bloggers.