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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The 26 Hour Day... Or So It Felt

So I landed in SJ on Sunday and headed to the hotel with my boss and a co-worker. Got some dinner around 9:30p then hit the hay. No big deal. Easy flight, nice movie on my DVD player (Miracle... great flick... go watch it). Then... (insert dramatic theme music here)

Alarm goes off at 5:50a. I'm in the office by 6:45a for a meeting. What followed was one of the longest days I've had. Over the next 15 hours, it was solid meetings. I mean, really, who would have thought 15 hours of meetings was actually possible??? :-)

In all, I'm glad I'm here participating in the process but it does make for long days. And, I miss the kiddos and the wifey. Oddly enough, the thing I miss most is tucking them in the bed and making sure I check on them right before I go to sleep myself. I guess that will have to wait until Friday.

I had dinner tonight with the whole staff that was here. We went to a fairly "historic" place. Now, this is historic in the Silicon Valley sense. Back in the 1970's, a guy invented the very first video game console called "Pong". You know, it was like table tennis on computer. This guy used the "library room" of the restaurant to meet with his executive staff since they didn't really have office space. It was like the birth place of the video game industry. Nothing was really interesting in the room but the story behind it was fun.

Typical California fare. Good really and certainly worth attending. Plus, its good to be around fellow managers and hear similar issues. Politics aside, face-to-face meetings give you a good chance to learn new things. Although there are some serious politics going on but that's not really something I care to dive into on the blog... prying eyes, ya know?

Ok, I'm tired... Do some TV, maybe a little reading of my new book "American Soldier" by Tommy Franks, Retired CENTCOM commander.... the guy who led the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.