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Friday, July 09, 2004

SO, I'm a little annoyed this morning. I found that the post I made on Wed didn't post. All that typing just for nothing. OH well.

This morning I sit here wasting time waiting to go do a preso in 45 min. I'm not sure I have exactly what they are looking for but the whole session is very informal anyway so I'm not going to go overboard on the thing.

Checking out the news this morning the latest celeb has had a "special video" surface. Cameron Diaz can now proudly add her name to the list of celebs that have done some type of porn video. What cracks me up about those is they act all shocked and mad. Especially this one because it wasn't a private video to begin with. It was a production company. WHAT THE HELL DID SHE THINK WOULD HAPPEN? Man, she must be an idiot. The article on Yahoo was interesting.

This weekend will be yet another wedding. Not too excited about it but at least we are going to be one step closer to being finish. Bridezilla called yesterday. We haven't even started editing of her video and she is busting our chops. That one is going to be fun.

Well, off to do a preso. Later bloggers...