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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A Sigh Of Relief

As a follow up to my earlier post, I informed "Mr. Sure He Had It" that he was not chosen.  To my surprise, he took it very well.  At least, he didn't immediately declare Jihad on me and send a gaggle of lawyers to my door.  I'm glad he found it in him to understand sometimes things don't work out.

And, surprisingly, I have another sigh of relief.  Another co-worker setup a Texas Hold'em game in Aug.  I sat in my office and thought, "Oh man, I have to ask for another pass.  I have a snowball's chance in hell of getting it."  Timidly, I picked up the phone and call the Mrs.  To my surprise, she agreed to handle the rugrats once again.  WOW!  What happened?  What have you done with my wife?  I knew aliens existed but had no idea they took over my home!  So, here I am again setup to do a poker game.  It did come with a quick, "You just have to do somethings nice for me" quote.  Ok, I'll have about 30 days to find the perfect way to make up my absences for the 3 hours on Friday we actually spend together while she's still awake.

Which brings me to a question to all the ladies out there.  Seems to me that all my male friends have spouses that crash out on the couch each night.  In my case, its like a requirement she sleeps on the couch before the bed.  Is that like sleep foreplay?  I've never understood it.  If you are sleepy, hit the hay.  If not, watch TV or something.  Regardless, she certainly looks cute all cuddled up and sleeping.  Cute as a button.  Right up until the time I wake her to tell her to go to bed and I get the "I'm going... I'm going..." speech.