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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A Little About Work

So, I normally don't talk about work too often on this blog.  Not because it isn't a huge part of my life but because there's just something uneasy about writing your complete open and honest feelings about work on the net for all to see.   I mean, I do work for the largest networking company on the planet.  I think the chances of SOMEONE finding it from my company is pretty good.  Regardless, today's blog is about a pain in my ass at work.

Two main things here at play this week.  First, is the fact I'm hiring people.  And, I have one guy that has interviewed with me.  Now, he is qualified to be interviewed and I thought, prior to his onsite interview yesterday, that he would be the top candidate.  But, he didn't do well in his technical screen plus some others who have had escalations from him (he works at a partner company now) says they would pass on him.  I know, you are thinking, "How exciting!  I'm so glad he is telling me this boring crap."  But wait, it gets better.  So his is a very strict Muslim and informed me during my interview (he volunteered, I didn't ask) that he needed Friday from 1:30-2:30 off.  Now, that's in the middle of our queue time.  Big problem.  But, religion cannot be a factor.  But, now how do I not hire him based on his technical interviews without it looking like it is a religious thing?  How in the world do I get myself into these pickles?  Damn it, I mean, I try to do the right thing and I'll probably get sued for it.  Ok, enough about that.  I probably shouldn't even be posting it.

Second major PITA.  I have this customer that decided to unload on me last week.  I think I mentioned him in a prior post.   Well, that same day I tried to get the account team involved to do some damage control with this guy.  A WEEK LATER we still haven't got the account team to engage.  Meanwhile, this guy is still going off on me and the company while the account team takes their sweet time deciding when to call.  I mean, what the hell man.  If I didn't call my customers for a week I'd be whipped, beating and drug outside and kicked.  Ok, ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration but still. 

Man, sometimes I seriously wonder why I stay in support.  I really wish I could move over to the BU side of the house just to get away from dealing with this type of crap all the time.  Plus, with 16 engineers (soon to be at least 17), I have so many other things to deal with.  The "I have to be off to so I need to leave early" type crap happens all the time.  OH well, I know that is part of people management.  Someone remind me again why I'm getting a MBA when I should be finding a job that only requires me to shovel shit? :-)

One last very stupid little thing.  I must be feeling in touch with my "feminine" side but this morning seemed like an amazing sunrise.  I was leaving the house thinking, "Damn, that is cool looking."  High clouds with the sun behind them.  I wonder why people even notice that stuff?  I'm I just a freak or what?

Later bloggers...  Oh, be sure to check out this hilarious blog given to me by my friend Maryanne: